Why Stand Out

Stand Out or Fail

Of the literally thousands of colors on your computer screen, none is more highly visible than bright orange. It’s the color of highway safety cones, hunters’ vests, search-and-rescue boats and helicopters – and advertising that can actually do something for your product or service.

Since the dawn of the smartphone and other digital advances, we’ve been increasingly bombarded by constant stimuli — and our brains have gotten used to tuning them out. As we crave more and more information, our ability to pay attention to, or even notice, any one thing has become less and less. This means that companies need to try harder than ever to get through to consumers and grab their attention by standing out. Which bright orange does, both as a color and as a Pittsburgh advertising agency serving clients from Jacksonville to Vancouver.

On an average day, every man, woman, and child in this country is bombarded with 1,800 advertising sales messages. Over 16 waking hours, that’s 112.5 ad messages an hour, 1.875 a minute, or one sales message every 32 seconds.

How do you break through all that advertising clutter and get prospects to buy from you – especially when you consider that in a typical newspaper or magazine, for example, the most noticed ad fails to attract most readers’ (54%) attention? Or that a majority of visitors to the typical website bounce out less than 10 seconds after clicking in?

You could follow “best” practices, which guarantee your ad, commercial or website will look and sound like all the others (making your problem worse). You could increase your budget exponentially to make sure a mediocre message is repeated often enough for someone out there to maybe notice it.

Or you could contact Bright Orange Advertising, with a track record of creating ads, commercials, brochures, and websites that multiply your marketing dollars by making your message stand out like a bright orange beacon in a sea of gray mush.