June, 2010

Is The Internet The Biggest Advertising Medium? Or Just The Most Hyped?

Kantar Media, a division of WPP, just finished compiling the 100 leading national advertisers’ (100 LNA) measured-media spending for 2009, Guess which medium got the lion’s share.

If you said Internet advertising, you’d be wrong.

The biggest, hottest new 21st Century advertising medium is… Read more →

2011 Super Bowl Ad Time Already 80% Sold. But Why?

Here we are, still in baseball season, and Fox has already sold 80% of next year’s Super Bowl advertising time. To call this unusually brisk sales would be a gross understatement, especially in view of previous years.

It took CBS, for example, three months longer to reach the 70% mark for this year’s game (i.e., in September). What’s more, many advertisers Read more →