September, 2010

False Economies Give Otc Drug Advertisers Self-inflicted Headaches

Back in the 1960s, the standard length of a television commercial was 60 seconds. Oh, you could buy shorter lengths, like :30s, but it didn’t pay to. While a 30-second spot was half as long as a minute, the air time cost 75% as much to buy. The same holds true for radio air time today, which is why you still hear Read more →

Python Generation Offers New Opportunities To Advertisers

The official name for the demographic cohort born roughly between 1945 and 1957 is the Baby Boomers, but perhaps a better description would be the Python Generation. Because from a demographic and particularly a marketing standpoint their progress through America’s culture and economy resembles nothing more closely than the progress of a pig, dog or other small animal as a very visible lump down a python’s digestive tract. They are, Read more →

Holistic Strategy/creative Approach Is New Only To Big Ad Agencies

In case you missed the item in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, CarMax, based in Goochland County, just hired New York agency Amalgamated to do its creative. That’s interesting, but what’s more interesting is something an “expert” source was quoted as saying about Amalgamated’s approach. According to the article, Peyton Rowe, who teaches advertising at the VCU School of Mass Communications, said, “The structure of the agency seems Read more →