February, 2011

Super Bowl Commercials: Out Of Sight Is Out Of Mind

Millions of people have voted for their favorite Super Bowl commercials, in what seems like almost as many polls. But actual audience resarch tells a story that goes beyond stated preferences and has a cautionary message for all advertisers, from the smallest home-based Richmond business to the Super Bowl’s biggest advertisers, Doritos and Chevrolet Division of Government Motors. That message, to mangle the lyrics from a golden oldie, is: To love, love, love them is not necessarily to know, know, know them.

Neilsen audience research and Alterian online research both confirm that Read more →

So How’d You Like The $36 Million Worth Of Super Bowl Ads You Paid For?

Government Motors ran eight count ’em eight commercials in this year’s Super Bowl telecast, and Chrysler (Government-FIAT Motors) ran two — one of which, at two minutes, is the longest to air in 45 years of Super Bowl history. At $3 million for 30 seconds, that’s $27 for the thirties. The 120-second special, according to CEO Sergio Marchionne, was a bargain — $12 million worth of air time ($3 million times four) for the mere pittance of about $9 million. In one way, those commercials cost more than $36 million, and in another they cost less. Read more →

How Two Super Bowl Contenders Are Shaping Up

The Super Bowl is multilevel contest. Officially, it’s an athletic contest between two football teams. Results from that contest are decided on the playing field. It’s also become a battle of the advertisers, with results being decided in various polls, from Ad Age to USA Today‘s Super Bowl Ad Meter.

The teams

But now, a third contest is shaping up, for building the most social-media buzz, and two pizza brands are the players. One is Read more →