March, 2011

Likes, Friends And Buzz Don’t Add Up To Social Marketing Success

Every national brand, it seems, and many local Richmond ones have made social network campaigns – through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social network media – into their major overall advertising medium. Right now, two national brands are probably wishing they hadn’t.

Two massive failures

Pepsi put its money on social marketing to get themselves out of their perennial number-two soda brand position (behind Read more →

Score Marketing Workshop A Big Success

55 people came to the marketing workshop we presented for SCORE this morning in Richmond – some from as far away as Fredericksburg and Norfolk.

How To Define And Measure Your Target Audience – For Free

Probably the most important thing that anyone running a business needs to know is who, where and how large the target audience is. If you’re starting any kind of brick-and-mortar retail business, you want to put it where it’ll be surrounded by prospective customers. Even for business-to-business or home-based advertisers, you need to have a good sense of what –“ or, more specifically, who – is out there, if only to make sure you take in enough territory to provide enough of a customer base.

What’s even more important than know how many and where is who and how they think. Now, there are two ways to find all that out. Better yet, they’re free. And even better than that, they can arm you with some valuable marketing insights.The way to do this is through Read more →