July, 2011

“education” Is A Sure Sign Of Failed Marketing

Back in the ’70s, research revealed something very interesting about entrepreneurs: They regarded the businesses they founded as children of theirs – often as realer and more loved children than their flesh-and-blood ones. So when consumers don’t see a business’ products or services with the same degree of wonderfulness as the business’ founders do, that’s like someone telling them their baby’s ugly. Literally.

My baby? Ugly?

And because the business owner knows deep down inside that the baby can’t be ugly, it’s obviously the audience’s fault, and their misperception needs to be corrected with education. In other words, if the product’s no good, infantilize your audience by talking (down) to them as if they were ignorant children.

This kind of “marketing message” is the sure sign of a failing brand – one that can’t make it in the marketplace on the merits of its own features and benefits. And we’re seeing it big-time in a number of arenas. Read more →

How’s Your Website Doing Compared To Everyone Else’s?

Your website’s Google Analytics tell you how much traffic you’re getting. But not how much that is compared to other websites. Well, now, in a way, it does. Read more →

Why Consumers Don’t Click Banner Ads

According to Business Insider, you’re more likely to win the lottery or survive a plane crash than to click a banner ad. Specifically, they say, you’re 2.13 times more likely to draw a full house in poker than to click on a banner ad. 31.25 times more likely to win cash in MegaMillions. 40.17 times more likely to give birth to twins. 87.8 times more likely to have your application to Harvard accepted. 111.4 times more likely to watch “American Idol.” 112.5 times more likely to sign up for and complete Navy SEAL training. 279.64 times more likely to successfully climb Mt. Everest. And 475.28 times more likely to survive a plane crash.

So who does click banner ads?

According to recent AOL Global Advertising Strategy research, consumers who do click on banner ads comprise not only a very tiny minority of Internet users, but also a very atypical one.  Read more →