Who’s Winning The Android-iphone Battle Depends On What ‘winning’ Means


It’s been a year since Android captured the lead from iOS in mobile phone operating systems. But according to a new AdTruth study, more Americans do more mobile-phone shopping, and spend more money, on their iPhones, Advertising Age reported September 12.

A gap, not a chasm

In the first half of 2013, iOS accounted for 57 percent of mobile commerce transactions nationally, with Android second at 43 percent – not a yawning chasm, but still a gap.

That’s the bottom line from tracking over 700,000 m-commerce transactions from January 1 to June 30 and identifying the type of phone they were made on. (Windows and BlackBerry phones didn’t count, because they comprise only 2 percent of the national total.)

“Affluent, tech forward markets like California [and] the Northeast are still skewing Apple,” said James Lamberti, general manager of the mobile ad tech company, theorizing that consumers in those parts of the country are more willing to share their personal and credit card information with Apple and are thus more likely to make mobile purchases than Android users.

One thing he didn’t say was that with iPhones being more expensive than Android phones, iOS users might have more money to spend, online or otherwise. Of course Apple’s introduction of the the cheapo iPhone 5c this week may eventually change that.

State by state

In some states the split between Android and iOS is neck-and-neck. In some, that gap is, in fact, more like a chasm.

  • Alaska has the widest pro-iOS gap, at 28/72 percent Android/iOS.
  • In California, the home of both Google and Apple, the split’s almost as big, at 35/65.
  • Iowa, the biggest Android state, is California’s mirror image, with 65/35 in Android’s favor.
  • In seven states, Android leads in m-commerce – Iowa (65/35), Wisconsin (58/41), Maine (54/45), Kansas (52/46), Montana (52/47), Idaho (51/48), and South Carolina (50/49). Not exactly your big-time population centers.
  • Nebraska, at 50/50 is an even split.
  • In the remaining 42 states, the iOS lead varies all the way from 44 percent (Alaska, 28/72) to 1 percent (Wyoming, 49/50).

Go where the customers are

So if your business depends on mobile commerce, it makes sense to go where your customers are.

That means that if for any reason you can post shopping apps for both systems, you should make your iOS and all those trusting iPhone users your first choice.

Unless your target market’s confined to Iowa, Wisconsin, Maine, Kansas, Montana, Idaho, South Carolina and maybe Wyoming, that is.

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