Despite $1b Obamacare Ad Campaign, The Target Audience Is Uninformed And Unsold


A $1 billion-plus national advertising campaign – more than any brand except AT&T or Verizon spends in a year – is failing to inform, much less persuade, a key target audience, Brietbart reported October 1.

Citing results from a late-September Gallup survey of 5,099 adults in 50 states plus DC, they noted that “under half intend to take advantage of the state or federal insurance exchanges.”

That’s bad enough. But for Obamacare’s key audience, the so-called Young Invincibles with little need for even bare-bones health insurance, much less the extensive coverages that Obamacare mandates, the results were even worse.

This is threatening news for the national insurance program, whose success depends on shifting premium revenue from young adults who, statistically, tend not to get sick to subsidize older (and, incidentally, richer) Americans, who do.

Or, as Warner Todd Huston puts it, “This is the age group that Obama is hoping will foot the bill for the rest of America.”

While the $1 billion Obamacare advertising campaign was targeted to them, the Gallup findings show it missed the target.

“[C]urrent familiarity with the health exchanges among the uninsured is low,” says the Gallup report, but for this key audience it’s even lower.

Awareness that they’ll be required to buy health insurance or pay a fine, for example, dropped “among the vital group of 18- to 29-year-olds who are the most likely of any age group to be uninsured.”

And for those in the cohort who do know, an overwhelming majority still don’t know where to buy it. Among adults 18 to 29 years old, the largest segment – a 40 percent plurality – said they were “Not at all familiar” with the state and federal exchanges. A nearly three-quarters majority – 72 percent – said they were either “Not at all familiar” or “Not too familiar.”

That leaves a mere 27 percent of Young Invincibles who are either “Very” or “Somewhat familiar” with the exchanges that the $1 billion marketing campaign was supposed to be informing them about and persuading them to log in at.

Among the general population, it’s almost as bad; 62 percent of all adults surveyed, and 72 percent of all uninsureds, also said they were either “Not too familiar” or “Not at all familiar.”

And it’s not just the exchanges that the marketing campaign has failed to inform or persuade its target audience about. “Gallup also found that knowledge of all aspects of Obamacare was quite low for those in the youth demographic,” Brietbart noted.

But hey, when you spend massive amounts of taxpayer money on information-free commercials about flying hippies and Paul Bunyan statues injuring themselves, what do you expect?

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