Does Donald Trump need a new logo?

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Of all the better-known, officially declared Republican candidates (Sorry, George Pataki and Jim Gilmore don’t count.), the one who needs the most help in a general election against Hillary Clinton is Donald Trump. According to the most recent Real Clear Politics polling data averages for nine leading Republicans, he comes in ninth – and by a long way. While Rand Paul averages a mere 3.8 percentage points behind Clinton – with Mike Huckabee (-5 percent), Jeb Bush (-5.6), fellow Floridian Marco Rubio (-6.8), Ted Cruz (-8), Chris Christie (-9.7), and Scott Walker (-9.8) all within single digits of her, Trump lags by almost 20 percent (-19.6 percent, to be more exact). That’s almost twice as bad as the 10.7 percent gap between Clinton and Ben Carson, the next-lowest Republican contender. So now here come those wild and crazy graphic designers at ,riding to the rescue. In a July 8 email, LogoMyWay’s Joe Daley advises that in the wake of their Hillary Clinton logo design contest, they’ve held a Donald Trump logo contest, that 120 entries are competing for the $200 first prize, and that voting for the winner is now open.

While Donald Trump may have lots of problems as a serious candidate for the nation’s highest office and the leadership of the free world, his logo probably isn’t one of them. As you’ll see from the slide show, it’s not at all bad. It’s clean. Its colors contrast. His name pops. It even contains a four-word slogan summing up his main platform point – Make America great again! [original punctuation] As you’ll also see from the slide show and from the contest link, the contest entries don’t really improve on that. For example, the one entry that makes his surname the focal point sets the letters closer together (eliminating the negative space that helps the name stand out so much better in the real logo, cluttering it up by adding “FOR PRESIDENT”and “2016” (as if no one knew what the election’s for or when it’s taking place), and giving the “P” Trump’s, uh, unique combforward hair sryle.

Which brings us to another point about all those logos: too many of them are all about the hairstyle. This may result from the designers’ failings in imagination or from the candidate’s failure to make it clear he stands for anything other than himself. Of those that don’t focus on the hair, mpost focus on the catchphrase from the contrived cable reality series Trump starred in – You’re fired! Given what America’s gone through the past six-and-a-half years, that would be great if Trump were running against Obama. But unfortunately for Trump and fortunately for the nation, he can’t, thanks to the 22nd Amendment.

There are a few clever uses of Trump’s initials, some logos featuring standard patriotic symbolism, and one that would be more visually fitting for the election of 1896 than 2016’s.

Anyhow, you’re more than welcome to view them all and vote for your favorite here (and you don’t have to join to vote). The one thing you can’t vote for  is”none of the above.”

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