Kantar Media, a division of WPP, just finished compiling the 100 leading national advertisers’ (100 LNA) measured-media spending for 2009, Guess which medium got the lion’s share. If you said Internet advertising, you’d be wrong. The biggest, hottest new 21st Century advertising medium is…network television, where the 100 LNA spent $23.62 billion on advertising, or 18.9% of the total ad spend, followed closely by that other hot new medium, magazines, whose $23.51 billion accounts for

Saying everything = saying nothing.

Posted by admin on  August 12, 2009
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Each ad you run gives you one shot at your target audience, so it makes sense to use all the ammunition you can, right? Wrong. True, there’s a lot you want prospective customers to know about your business, but putting it all into one data dump of an ad will hurt far more than it helps. People aren’t sitting around waiting for your ad so they can study it and take copious notes. It’s only