Bright Orange Advertising



How to make your advertising stand out

When your advertising stands out, it builds more traffic and response with less of a media investment. Here are some of the things we do to make our clients’ advertising stand out:

1. Don’t preach to the choir.

Your real audience extends beyond your core audience. Make your advertising reach out to them. (And if you want to increase sales from your core customers, let us help you with loyalty programs that work more effectively than general advertising, at less cost.)

2. Get above the audience’s attention threshold.

Concentrate and frontload your media buy instead of thinning it out. Then, create advertising with a different strategy, look, feel and message.

3. Talk to the audience, not yourself.

What’s important to you isn’t necessarily what’s important to prospective customers exposed to your advertising. You need objective, expert advice to take advantage of the difference.

4. Direct competition isn’t your only competition.

Competition is whatever prospects are doing instead of buying your brand, and often your biggest competition is a behavior (delaying purchase, for example) rather than another business. Let us help you define and go after indirect competition in your advertising, and you’ll also reach a wider audience – one your direct competitors have likely ignored.

5. Don’t be a lemming.

Analyze your competitors’ advertising (we have a proprietary technique for that), and you’ll see that almost all are saying the same thing in the same way. Saying the same thing in a different way helps, but saying something different helps even more.

6. Saying everything = saying nothing

Each piece of advertising gives you one shot at your target audience, so why not use all the ammunition you can, right? Wrong. People are not sitting around out there just waiting to take notes on, and study every word of, your message; it’s only one of some 1,800 they’ll be bombarded with today. Bright Orange Advertising can help you refine the one message that’s most important to your prospects, in their frame of reference, then communicate it clearly and single-mindedly. You’ll waste less ammo and be far more likely to hit the target.