Marketers still don't get it: more QR code blunders

Back in October of last year and January of this year, we reported on the main reason QR codes don’t work the way marketers intended. And that’s that marketers display them in ways that make them physically impossible to scan.

You’d think that the industry might have learned something over the past year or so, but they haven’t. Maybe they’ve wised up about QR code placement in static media such as newspapers and magazines (or, in the case of the Croatian national postal service, on postage stamps), but when it comes to out-of-home, they’re still making enough bonehead mistakes to fill the blog with posts.

These blunders include

  • towing a QR code on an airborne banner, where only eagles with smartphones can scan them.
  • inviting highway pileups by posting them on the backs of moving buses.
  • posting them on the farthest walls from the platforms of subway stations, so that it takes either a smartphone with a telephoto lens or a consumer willing to risk the third rail to scan them.
  • posting them on website contact pages, so that you go to the page, scan the QR code and instantly whisk…back to the contact page, where you started.

So check out this slide show. And when you get through laughing, take those blunders seriously. They’re great guides to what not to do when you’re tempted to display QR codes.