M&M returns to Super Bowl ad lineup, and other updates

Mars Chocolate North America is returning to the Super Bowl, Advertising Age reported yesterday.

They’ll be running a :30 in the first quarter to promote M&Ms. This time, though, instead of featuring individual M&M characters, such as Red or Ms. Brown, chief consumer officer Roy Benin suggested in a statement that their commercial will be more of an ensemble than a solo act.

In other Super Bowl advertising updates:

  • CBS still has “a handful” of availabilities unsold, so if you’ve got $3.8 million plus production costs to spare, now’s your chance.
  • Lexus will be imitating Jurassic Park. Its new spot, “The Beast,” likens the GS model to an animal whose wild ride “cannot be contained.”
  • Axe brand director Gaston Vaneri announced in a Unilever company statement that “We have some extraordinary news to announce in 2013, taking our interaction with our fans to new heights, so the Super Bowl became the obvious platform to share it with the world,” whatever that means.
  • GoDaddy, using an honest-to-goodness, professional advertising agency for the first time ever, has stopped playing coy about whether or not Danica Patrick will be returning to their advertising. She will, so you can breathe out again. For 2013, they’ll be pushing the newish .co domain extension, apparently targeted to businesses too small to afford the final “m.”
  • Gildan Activewear will air a :30 in the third quarter. In addition to selling t-shirts with other entities’ logos on them, they’re trying to get consumers to buy t-shirts with their own logo printed instead. Good luck.
  • Soda Stream‘s fourth-quarter :30 has already been kicked off UK television. It “depicts thousands of bottles of soda in trucks, warehouses and other locales spontaneously exploding and vanishing into thin air as consumers use the SodaStream soda maker. ” This, apparently, constituted “denigration of the bottled-drinks market,” or ashcanning, as it’s called in the US. Undeterred, Soda Stream has run the spot in Australia and Sweden before its final arrival here.
  • Lincoln‘s seemingly endless commercial positioning the brand as the luxury car for dead people is already running in cinema advertising.
  • Mercedes, continuing its efforts to cheapen a formerly world-class brand, is returning to the Super Bowl after a one-year hiatus (They have to; their name’s on the stadium.) with a fourth-quarter commercial selling the new CLA, a shrunken-down version of its CLS sedan, presumably with a shrunken-down price. Such world-famous, sophisticated, classy celebrities as rapper Usher and model Kate Upton will be in the spot.

Keep watching for further developments.