New tablet use report has good news for advertisers

More Americans are buying tablets, using tablets, and researching and buying products based on advertising they’ve seen on their tablet screens, says a July 4 brief from the Center

More users, more women, more Andriod, more ad response

for Media Research. This creates new opportunities for online advertisers.

That’s the conclusion of a nationally representative online survey of 2,540 people conducted by the Online Publishers Association in partnership with research firm Frank N. Magid Associates.

More users

Last year, 12% of the online population owned or used a tablet regularly. This year, tablet adoption is up to 31% (74 million). By next June, it’s expected to be 47%, or 117 million tablet users.

More women

While last year, women owned 40% of the tablets in use, this year’s percentage — 45% — is one-eighth higher.

More than half of the consumers (52%) who plan to buy a tablet within the next 12 months are women.

More tablet use

Increasingly, owners prefer their tablets over computers, mobile phones, e-readers, printed media and other, larger-format, sources of long-form video. Almost 25 million consumers — 87% of tablet users — check for content and information regularly, while 93% have downloaded apps.

Surprisingly, even though tablets were originally sold for their mobility, 67% of owners use them at home.

More Android use

Android tablet penetration (47%) has just about pulled even with Apple’s iOS (52%), freeing advertisers from worry about still-costly iAds media costs.

More receptivity to advertising

But the best news for advertisers is that, according to the survey, tablet users really like to see advertising. More than half — 54%, up from 40% last year — said they prefer free apps with advertising to low-cost apps that have none.

Nearly half the users (47%) who buy newspaper and magazine apps said they find tablet advertising eye-catching and hard to ignore, 41% find it relevant, 40% unique and interesting. In addition, 37% said they found the advertising motivated them to buy products and 35% to research them.

More online buying

More tablet users like doing their online shopping on their tablets (52%) than their computers (40%).

Nearly a third — 31% — not only shop, but also buy regularly.

More than half (54%, compared to 38% last year) bought something they saw advertised on their tablets, while 38% researched products, 30% clicked on ads and 28% used an offer or coupon.

So if you advertise online, don’t neglect this growing market of affluent consumers. Keep your ads simple, keep them clean, keep them eye-catching, and, above all, keep them relevant. That way, your message will keep working on tablets’ smallerĀ  screens.