Off to a great start

Our client Bikram Hot Yoga Virginia Beach opened for business last month.

Its owner e-mails, “The studio is doing so well – 32 people in last night’s 7 PM class. [The objective is 30 per class.]

“So many people are contacting us from the website, I feel like we’re the studio it’s ‘safe’ to practice at. Lots of people with injuries are coming in, beginners, really out-of-shape people, and they are all just loving it!

“…I’m surprised how many people are really getting into it for not knowing what Bikram Yoga is/was!”

These are precisely the people our benefit-oriented strategy targets. The advertising objective was to expand BYVB’s potential audience beyond the relatively small group of people who are yoga fans and into the health, fitness, weight-loss, strength-building and pain relief categories. It’s always great to see a client succeed because its marketing strategy is working.