Our Modular Structure Saves You Money.


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Why pay for services you don’t need?

Our modular structure saves you money




Typical full-service advertising agencies force small and medium-size businesses to waste money. Your business may not need the full range of services, but whether you need them or not, you pay for them.

If you’re running a radio campaign, for example, the last thing you need is an art director or graphic designer. But you’re paying for one.

If all you need is brochures, you don’t need a department full of media planners and buyers. But you’re paying for one.

And if you’re just running newspaper ads or email blasts, you have no need whatever for a broadcast producer. But you’re paying for one nonetheless.

That’s because they’re all on the full-service agency’s payroll, where their salaries and fringes all become baked into the agency’s rate structure.

Bright Orange Advertising is a full-service agency without full-service charges. That’s because we have a different structure – a modular one. We’re a strategic partnership of independent, highly qualified professionals in just about every advertising and marketing service you might need. But because they’re not salaried hired hands, you don’t work with them unless you need to. And if you don’t need to work with them, you don’t pay for them.

That way, each and every one of your hard-earned marketing dollars goes where it should – not into overhead that subsidizes some other client’s marketing services, but into building outstanding marketing results for you.