Recognized for Outstanding Creativity

In a 1957 book review, the great science fiction writer Theodore Sturgeon wrote, “90% of everything is crud.” This especially true of advertising, although 90% may be understating things. An old-line New York advertising agency, known for its mediocre work, once used the slogan, “It’s not creative unless it sells,” getting things exactly backward. Formulaic, conventional-wisdom (AKA “best practices”), algorithm-driven advertising isn’t creative – and it doesn’t sell, unless you consider, say, response rates below 1% for a typical digital banner ad as “selling.” Probably nobody recognizes uncreative advertising (at least in others’ work) better than the world’s top advertising professionals. So when they meet annually to honor the previous year’s outstanding advertising (and the agencies that created it), they know what they’re doing. In today’s extremely cluttered media environment, if it isn’t creative, it doesn’t sell. This is why Bright Orange is honored to be probably Pittsburgh’s most award-winning ad agency, having earned some 414 Global, National, Regional and Local Awards, including:

  • One Show – 1 Gold Pencil, 2 Silver Pencils, 17 Merit Certificates
  • Clio – 3 Statuettes, 16 Recognition Certificates
  • Effie (awarded for advertising effectiveness) – 1 Silver Effie, 1 Bronze Effie, 2 Merit Certificates
  • New York Festivals – 2 SilverWorldMedals, 5 Bronze WorldMedals, 19 Finalist Certificates
  • National Addys – 2 First-Place Awards, 3 Citation Certificates
  • Andy Awards – 1 Silver, 1 Bronze, 17 Merit Certificates
  • International Broadcast Awards – 2 Certificates
  • AIGA 50 Best TV – 2
  • Silver Microphone – 3 National Winner, 2 National Runner-Up
  • Showsouth – 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 4 Bronze, 3 Distinction
  • ADWEEK National Best Spots
  • Advertising Age “Magazine Campaigns of the Decade”
  • Ad Day USA “100 Top Creative People in the South”