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As of June, 2016, MILESTONE SOLAR was fully booked through the end of the year and already had a waiting list of installations for 2017. Their website, supplemented by Google Adwords, continues to be their only piece of marketing communication. Prospects visit the site 6-7 times (as you might expect for a high-commitment, highly considered purchase decision), read virtually every page, then hit the contact button for a site evaluation. Closing rate exceeds 80%, and customers play back content from the website almost verbatim.


Our OPTIMUM HEALTH client emails:

Groupon sales are going up again. I finished the changes you gave me for the website at the end of January. The sales increased and have consistently sat at 5 a month. All of these sales were coming from people using their computers/laptops. Now that I have resolved the issues with the mobile site,  the bounce rate to the pages for this service has dropped from 100% to 0%.  We are now consistently getting 2 sales a week.  I suspect that this number is going to increase a bit more and get us up to at least 10 sales a month.  This will let us sell in one month what we sold in a whole year before!  For my small business, this is HUGE!


MILESTONE SOLAR‘s business is up 62% over last year, and the owner gives their website and marketing materials, which define and  communicate Milestone’s brand personality persuasively, the credit. (They already have orders booked for the coming year.)

ONE TELEVISION COMMERCIAL, running on cable remnant time, increased Richmond Raiders indoor football season ticket sales by 60% over previous year. Subsequent versions, each tagged for a specific home game, increased home-game attendance 40%, averaging 1,035 more paid admissions each game.

SHAARE TORAH GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL emails, “The Open House was a success. Thank you for all you did for it.”

EVERY TIME OUR ADS RUN, the phone rings,” the owner of Bikram Yoga Richmond reports. The first three months of the new campaign, sales were up 9%, 10% and 13%. “The lose weight faster ad has been a hit,” she adds. “I’ve seen more overweight people coming in that want to get in shape, which is great!” Not bad for eighth-page ads running in the weekly alternate newspaper.

THE PILATES FITNESS STUDIO reports “great response from the new website.” With new clientele the site has brought in, “it’s more than paid for itself.”

THE MONTH our client Bikram Hot Yoga Virginia Beach opened, its owner e-mailed, “The studio is doing so well – 32 people in last night’s 7 PM class. [The objective is 30 per class.] So many people are contacting us from the website, I feel like we’re the studio it’s ‘safe’ to practice at. Lots of people with injuries are coming in, beginners, really out-of-shape people, and they are all just loving it!…I’m surprised how many people are really getting into it for not knowing what Bikram Yoga is/was!” These are precisely the people our benefit-oriented strategy targets. “We have gotten a lot of compliments on the website,” she adds. “One lady called and asked a lot of questions She found us on Google and really liked the website and was like ‘I thought hot yoga was for super fit people…’ She said the website made it sound like it was for everyone and you really can lose weight. She came in for a class a few hours after I talked to her with her two daughters. They were the average Americans, not your stereotypical yoga person, and after class they just loved it!!! The mom bought 3 Intro specials for her and her daughters and they will be back :) I totally credit her calling and having the courage to come in because of the website!!!! Those are the people I really want to come in, so thank you!!!”

INVENSYS SOFTWARE SYSTEMS – Ads attracted top readership scores in B2B magazines. Magazine advertising departments were so impressed with the ads that they gave them premium positioning at no extra cost. By clearly spelling out for the first time what products did and how they benefited manufacturing companies, the campaign gave focus to a floundering, money-losing division and was a major factor in achieving its first profits.

CARL ZEISS SPORTS OPTICS – Trade launch of new riflescope line was so successful that the manufacturer ran out of product.

VIRGINIA HOLOCAUST MUSEUM – One ad and mailer targeted to local attorneys raised $50,000 in donations in two weeks.

INVENSYS HOME NETWORK SYSTEMS – $150,000 cable tv and print campaign produced $10,000,000 in sales.

NATIONAL SOCIETY FOR HEBREW DAY SCHOOLS – Student recruitment advertising and direct mail brought participating member schools 10-37% enrollment increases.

MICROSOFT Responses to one radio commercial inviting IT techs to register online for Gulf Coast Windows 2000 launch event overwhelmed servers.

THE FOLIAGE PLACEOne 10-second television commercial costing less than $2,000 and running just 12 times brought in 185% of the previous year’s Valentine’s Day business.

JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER – Incremental membership dues brought in by recruitment newspaper campaign produced a 10.55:1 ROI. (The campaign also won a Bronze Effie award for advertising effectiveness, tying the United States Marine Corps).

NORTON CUSTOM BUILDERS – By changing their URL from to, we moved their previously invisible listing to #3 position on the first Google search page.

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