Standout advertising brings Bright Orange clients outstanding results.

Standout advertising brings Bright Orange clients outstanding results.

Know what else, beside our name, is bright orange? A goldfish. Did you know that the average human attention span is now shorter than a goldfish’s?

According to a recent study, the human attention span fell from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2018. Since the dawn of the smartphone and other technological advances, we’ve been increasingly bombarded by constant stimuli — and our brains have gotten used to that. As we crave more and more information, our ability to pay attention to, or even notice, any one thing has become less and less. This means that companies need to try harder than ever to get through to consumers and grab their attention.

Bright orange is also the color of standout visibility and of air-sea rescue. At Bright Orange Advertising we create ads, commercials, websites, and brochures that make your message stand out, and rescue your brand from costly obscurity.

We’re excited to have recently partnered with Clutch, a premier B2B ratings and reviews platform, so that we can continue to stand out from the competition. Our reviews on Clutch demonstrate our advertising expertise and capabilities as a creative and strategic partner.

Our first review on Clutch is from TrustMor Mortgage. They needed marketing and advertising support — on a limited budget — to face their competition, and Bright Orange fit the bill. We created websites , mailers and brochures to display their services to potential customers.

Our work with TrustMor Mortgage’s chairman goes all the way back to 2009; we’ve supported his work with different organizations, including schools and nonprofits. This has included coming up with innovative marketing ideas, like themed water bottles, ads in newspapers, and new websites.

“Their ability to understand a business helps them deliver creative ideas better than any other company.” — CEO, TrustMor Mortgage

The client commends our ‘consistently great’ work, as well as our ability to understand their needs and quickly find solutions. They report that all of our ads have earned positive feedback. They appreciate our ability to follow through and meet deadlines — and we appreciate the 5-star rating they gave us!

Our second review comes from Senior Insights, a care management agency that we’ve had another long-term partnership with. We support their print and digital marketing efforts and help them improve their web presence. When we began working together in 2013, we designed and developed their website. We’ve since created brochures and written blog posts for the site. Our process generally entails having conversations with the client about their business and ideas, doing research, and then coming back with proposals.

“All of their work is top-notch quality. They do everything possible to ensure we’re happy with the deliverables.” — Owner, Senior Insights

The client reports seeing 30% business growth year-over-year. They appreciate the effort we put into understanding their niche business.

We look forward to earning more great reviews on Clutch. If your business is looking for outstanding results, contact us today.